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Washington AEA Day On The Hill, Olympia- February TBD, 2020                                                    Agenda2019 AEA Legislative PrioritiesFor further information, contact:Donna Parsons ,  Public Policy & Legislation ChairEmail Donna


WSNA annually plans a State Legislative Action Conference in Olympia each February. This event allows participants to better understand the legislative process and build strong relationships with local legislators regarding issues that impact feeding kids throughout the state. This one-day event is instrumental in allowing Child Nutrition professionals to share stories, the positive impacts, and the importance of legislators' support of Child Nutrition programs.WSNA is a member of the Alliance of Educational Associations (AEA), a partnership with the Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA). AEA provides, among other things, information and acts as a positive influence on legislation to create the best possible educational system for students in Washington State. During a legislative session, you can read WASA's Weekly Newsletter.Find Your Washington Representatives


One of the first places you should check for federal legislation issues is the Legislative Action page from SNA. There you will find the latest on legislation as well as easy links to contact your congressmen.If you are interested in legislation and wish to advocate on behalf of child nutrition issues, consider attending SNA’s annual Legislative Action Conference. This annual conference is an exciting way for you to be involved in directly affecting legislation on the national level by meeting with your legislators. You will be a part of a delegation from Washington state that is comprised of child nutrition professionals like yourself and our industry partners.

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WSNA’s Public Policy and Legislation Committee Chair Ed Aylesworth is  an excellent contact if you would like more information or have questions regarding legislative issues.

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