Membership / Certificate

How will membership in WSNA/SNA benefit you?

  • · You’ll have access to workshops, conferences, and other professional growth opportunities at reduced rates.
  • · You’ll be eligible for scholarships for education.
  • · You’ll have opportunities to network with others in your profession.
  • · You’ll enhance your professional image.
  • · You’ll receive the Apple Press (WSNA’s quarterly newsletter).
  • · You’ll receive information on current issues that affect child nutrition.
  • · You’ll be able to enhance your career through SNA’s certificate program.

Learn more about membership in the School Nutrition Association, and join online by visiting the SNA website Membership Information page.

SNA Membership Information

Why Are You A Member?

School District-Owned Membership

School District-Owned Membership (SDM) is now available in Washington State. By following the links below, you will be able to find more complete information about the program as well as the process by which your district may apply.

Overview of SDM Membership
SDM Multiple Applicants Form
Membership Form


If you are already a member, and wish to recruit others, you may be interested in the following information:

Star Club
Recruiting Tips
SNA Annual Membership Drive

Certificate Program/ Credentialing

School Nutrition Association (SNA), WSNA’s parent organization, develops and encourages the highest standards in school foodservice and nutrition programs and provides educational opportunities to ensure the professional development of its members. Read more in the SNA Certificate Guide or visit SNA’s Certificate Page to find everything you need to know about this program. The SNA Credentialing program may also be of interest to you.

SNA Certificate Guide
Certificate Application
SNA Certificate Program
SNA Credentialing Program

WSNA offers many opportunities to help you become certified and to maintain your certificate:

  • · Chapters and/or areas may apply for Education Grants. Check below to learn about classes that are being offered in your area.
  • · Workshops are offered on both sides of the state twice a year.
  • · Annual State Conference provides an opportunity every year for education & networking.
  • · Industry Seminar is an annual event designed primarily as a time for education and networking of district supervisors and industry members.

<!-- Education Grants
Current Classes -->

Key Area Credits / CEU Credits

If your chapter is planning an educational session for key area credits, be sure to use the appropriate form, which can be found by following the link below. Chapters have the authority to approve CEU credits if they fall into one of the categories on the list found below. This document also includes instructions for CEU credits not listed.

Key Area Approval Form
CEU Credit Chapter Info

Download Membership Application

Download the WSNA / SNA membership form here and begin enjoying the benefits of a great organization.  As approved by the Board of Directors, SNA dues will increase on Oct. 1st.  Use the links below to fill out a paper form or to join/renew online.

Membership Form
Join Online

State Industry Membership Application

If you are a vendor, you, too, may become a member of WSNA, have your name published on our website, and be eligible to attend meetings with district directors and supervisors in the state.

State Industry Form